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When I first started creating my own website, the main goal was to show off my work to help me get a new career. Well, it worked!

But now that I have the job I was searching for, it's time to change things up...

Way back in 2005 I started writing a personal blog - the Nater Updater. I wrote about everything that was on my mind: from life to work, and of course also my passions like golf and cars. And on September 20, 2011, I wrote my last blog post, "Blogger Is Going To Die". At that time social media was on a major upward trend and I was seeing A LOT of traction on my channels. Less people visited my blog, and the writing was on the wall – the end was near. The instant sharing nature of social media had won.

Now though, the algorithms have taken over, and I find myself sharing less and less on social as a very small percentage of my followers actually see my content. I've been focusing much of my effort into my YouTube channel, and even though it's off to a very slow start, I see huge potential. I just need a more integrated plan.

Thus, an update to my website and a return of the blog.

Welcome to the new

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