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In mid December, I received the notification I had been waiting for from Instagram – that I was in the Reels Play Bonus program! I had been invited into the Facebook Reels Play Bonus program almost exactly a year before and had made a few hundred bucks, so I was really excited to see this!

The notification took me to my profile page and it was hard to miss the invite at the top. Setting up the bonus was quite easy with just a few steps of entering in my personal information

This particular bonus program wasn't like the ones I've seen in the past. Those consisted of you earning a certain dollar amount if you hit a given view count. If you didn't reach that max view count, you'd then earn a percentage of the bonus.

I was surprised to see that this program was more geared for posting reels, than for how many views you get. The rules were basic: Earn $10 for each new reel you create, up to 5 reels.

I posted my first reel not too long afterwards to see how it changed the process. One thing I remember from the play bonus programs, is that when creating the reel, you have to select that it's for the bonus program, as it would default to being toggled off. Thus, I was happy to see when I created my first reel, that it was defaulted on.

You can check in on the status of your bonuses by going to your Professional Dashboard in your profile, then click on Bonuses. As you can see below, I show you what you see after the bonus has ended. In comparison to the unclear amount that was awarded in the Facebook Reels Play bonus, this one was very clear and I could easily tell that I had hit the required number of posts, and that I would get the full bonus of $50!

Since this bonus program has ended, I was hoping I would get accepted into another one as they seem to roll over for a few months. Unfortunately, there was no follow up program. But I am watching closely and will let you know if I get back in.

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