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Tires are the most important thing on your vehicle as they are the only thing that make contact with with the ground. When I bought my Land Rover Discovery, it came with an oversized set of Mickey Thompson offroad tires which had cuts all along the sidewall.

This was unsafe, so it was the first thing I needed to buy. But unfortunately due to the pandemic supply chain issues, the BF Goodrich tires I wanted to order were either back-ordered or the price was jacked-up.

So I went out looking for a set of used ones – I have never bought used tires before... But after a couple weeks of searching, I found a set of BFG T/A KO2s with about 25% tread left for a steal at $125!

The key things to look for in a used set of tires are:

  1. Tread wear is consistent across the tire

  2. The amount of tread is similar across all tires

  3. The tires have never been repaired (patches or plugs)

  4. There are no bubbles in the sidewalls

  5. That there is no chunking or cracks in the rubber

  6. And that they are not more than 7 years old

So far I am loving the BFG KO2s! Will have to get a new set once these are done. Watch my video to see how bad the tires were and my first impressions of the BF Goodrich T/A KO2 tires.

Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel as I will keep adding updates on my Land Rover as I slowly turn it into an overlander.

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